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Precision turned brass parts by the supplier to the electrical and electronics industries

Rudolf Brokamp GmbH & Co.KG - Zerspanungstechnik - Lieferant der Elektroindustrie und Elektronikindustrie

We produce...

Turned parts and other parts according to drawing made of brass profile wires for the electrical engineering and electronics industries. Our components can be found for example in terminal blocks, switches, plug connectors and other electronic applications. The cost-effective manufacture of these parts is made according to customer specifications on more than 95 high technical quality rotary indexing table or rotary transfer machines in two-shift operation. Up to 2000 tons of lead-alloyed brass are processed annually on these machines, mainly in the equivalent diameter range between 3 mm and 12.5 mm.

We also produce customer-specific products made of aluminium alloys and separated from free cutting steels, C-steels and stainless steels on high precision CNC machines.


We are the specialists for …

  • Connection terminals / screw terminals
  • Flange sockets
  • Contact sockets / contact pins
  • Solder sockets / soldering pins
  • Sockets / connector pins / grounding pins
  • Terminal block inserts / terminal block bolts
  • Cleared terminals / broaches
  • Slotted sockets / milled sockets and other
  • Clamping parts

If required, we supply our products in the heat-treated version (thermally stress relieved or soft annealed); if required also surface-coated such as galvanically nickel-plated, tin-plated or silver-plated.


Of course, our brass products comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) quality. Our used alloys and their ingredients are substances which are pre-registered or registered by our raw material suppliers.

Our products with a lead content 0,1 per cent by weight are not affected by the REACH-Directive. Products which are made of alloys with a lead content of more than 0.1 % and are subject of the latest SVHC candidate-list are listed in the EU SCIP database of ECHA and explicitly declared.


We offer customized service...

…because customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want to be the partner of your choice who meets all your needs. As we strive to build trust in our business relationships we feel it is our duty to continually advance and improve all business processes.

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Should you require further information or simply have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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or send us an e-mail to:

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